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Our Restaurant Guide is an excellent resource to find Restaurants in Budapest. Here you'll find detailed dining information for Budapest Pubs and Restaurants. Our aim is to help you to sellect the right place to take a rest during your sighseeing tour in Budapest. Both pubs and elegant Restaurants can be found in one convenient easy to use guide.
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Favorite Restaurants
Articsóka Jazz Garden
The glass ceiling, the palm trees and the extensive greenery that decorate this restaurant situated in an inner courtyard in downtown Budapest...  More The Jazz Garden Music Club & Restaurant must be a very special attraction in the very heart of Budapest...

Bohémtanya Boxutca
The Bohémtanya Restaurant-Pub invites you in the heart of the city to spend a
couple of pleasant hours... More
Box Utca is a Veritable sports restaurant. Guests can enjoy their preferred sport events on 16 TV sets and a huge screen in the restaurant... More



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