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   Boxutca Restaurant

Introduction: Box Utca is a Veritable sports restaurant. Guests can enjoy their preferred sport events on 16 TV sets and a huge screen in the restaurant. With its pleasant rooms and walls decorated with photos of owner and professional world boxing champion, István �Ko-Ko� Kovács, this restaurant is classier than others in the same category. Naturally, memorabilia of other heroic sports moments are displayed as well, including David Coulthard's Formula One racecar. On the nights of important sports events, the restaurant is noisy with cheers, regardless whether it�s a Champions League or the European Championship football game. Due to a wide selection of channels, guests can watch championship games simultaneously or follow a Formula One race from different camera positions.

Address: 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy Zs. út 21.

Tel.: (+ 36 1) 354-1444


Average prices: 3-6 EUR

Open everyday 10-24


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