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   Fortuna Restaurant

Introduction: The Fortuna Restaurant was awarded with the 'Pro Vino Hungarico' certificate of recognition by the Hungarian Wine Orders in 1999.The outstanding gastronomy and catering have kept the Fortuna Restaurant among the 'Top 1o Restaurants of Hungary' from year to year since 1992 including the year 2000, too.This title is awarded by the 'Konyhaművészet - Art of Cuisine - Magazin' upon repeated incognito tests and scoring based on an international system. We were voted 'Restaurant of the Year 1999' by the professional readers of the 'Heti Turizmus - Tourism Weekly - Magazin'. The Fortuna Restaurant was the first awardee of the title 'For Vintners' established by the vintners of Hungary in the year 2ooo.

Address: 1014 Budapest Hess András tér 4

Tel.: (+36-1) 3756-857; (+36-1) 3557-177


Average prices: 5-10 EUR/meal


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