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   La Fontaine Restaurant

Introduction: The initial idea of Bernard Deléglise was to recreate abroad a typical french restaurant and to share his passion for fine food. In this undertaking, the principale concern was pleasure and the art of living, which became the real motto of La Fontaine. All the furnitures, lighting, seats�were directly imported from the parisian "Grands Boulevards". Including a massive antique bar made out of a single piece of oak, which already attracted the attention of people that truly appreciate nice things. And, in June 1997, La Fontaine was inaugurated, in the "Bélváros", the very center of the city, on the Pest side. Our clients, well acquainted with France and its culture, say they certainly would place La Fontaine in Boulevard Haussmann, beside "Les Galeries Lafayette"

Address: 1051 Budapest, Mérleg u 10.

Tel.: (+ 36 1) 317 37 15

Average prices: 6-8 EUR

Open everyday 12-24


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