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   Magdalena Merlo Restaurant

Introduction: The �Svejk� restaurant, which got its name from an honest, fictional, Czech soldier, has been serving customers for several decades. Svejk was not really a soldier, rather a stumbling, bumbling simple man. As time passed, the restaurant was reborn as �Magdalena Merlo� restaurant. Our choice of sishes is based on Italian cuisine, but includes Hungarian flavours, too. We would like to please our old-time customers with the nostalgian page in our menu. Svejk says, which we also agree with, �live by human values, love and cherish life, the real quality of life.� A good chat, a splendid dish, a good mug of beer, friendship and laughter can work miracles. We have tried to help putting these troughts into practice. We wish you pleasant times and carefree relaxation.

Address: 1072 Budapest, Király u. 59/b

Tel.: (+ 36 1) 322 3278, 267-03-60


Average prices: 3-6 EUR

Open everyday 10-24


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