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   Múzeum Café & Restaurant

Introduction: The Muzeum Café and restaurant is in the heart of Budapest, next to the National Musuem where, the most important historical events took place in the XIX. and XX. century. The restaurant accepts it's guest since 1885 under the mural created by Lotz Károly and with the extraordinary chinas of the Zsolnay factory.

Beside the standard menu we created a show kitchen this year, focused on the mediterranean specialities. (fishes, crabs, shells). Despite the relatively long opening hours we suggest you to use our table reservation service. After 8:00 in the evening, soft piano music accompanies your dinner.

Address: 1088 Múzeum krt. 12.

Tel.: 36-1-338-42-21, 36-1-2670375


Average prices: 5-10 EUR


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