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   Noáé Restaurant

Introduction: Dear Guest,
Our name originates from the French word, Noyer, meaning exuberant and live and dead walnuts, phonetically spelled as Noiee. The Noiee terrace appears as a dazzling, enchanted street view with chandeliers at the level of the Danube.

- We have practised magic by bringing here the tent of Attila, remembering our mystical Hun king.
- The opposite room was named after the Africa traveller Hungarian nobleman, Count Almásy, archaeologist, famous Egypt researcher, racing driver ? and who ever could tell what he is famous for, who we could meet in the film ?The English Patient?.
- We were thinking of the high priest of Upper- and Lower Egypt, IMHOTEP when we dreamed his mystical home here. We remember the first physician of the world in this way, by whom the world knows and uses more than 50 healing methods applied by him. Moreover, he was the first pyramid constructor (the stepped pyramid of SAKKARA is bound to his name), learned astronomer, who was given the rank of a pharaoh by his ruler expressing his esteem.
Noiee was built ready by December 31st 2004, filled with the legendary history, the stories and flavours of the Hungarians. On the day of Epiphany 2005, the plan turned to reality and our restaurant was filled with flavours, evocative music and a great number of plants.

Address: 1093 Budapest Gönczy Pál u 3

Tel.: (+36-1)2158809


Average prices: 5-10 EUR/meal


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